Benchmarking and statistics

Well I’m pretty sure that most of you out there like to compare hardware. The hardware you have, the hardware you will get, the hardware you had, the one your friends have, the neighbor’s and so on. The problem is that it is not easy to compare them if we don’t benchmark them. So, Passmark is a site that one can compare his CPU and GPU to any other CPU and GPU simply by searching for it! Or if you want to see how the new hardware racks up you can just visit the equivalent list.

I think that they offer a free 30days trial of their benchmarking tool as well if you want to check how you rig is doing. They also have a list of user benchmark (the 20 best and the 20 worst).

Apart from hardware other interesting statistics is operating system usage, browsers and so on. The classic flame wars that pop up in forums. Net Market Share offers real time data of the internet usage. ISPs , resolutions, operating systems, browsers, anything a curious guy wants to know. I found out this site when I was checking out that this August Windows Vista market share went lower than that of Windows 7. However Windows XP is still high.

So that’s enough to lose a couple of hours measuring stuff. I know you like it!


2 thoughts on “Benchmarking and statistics

  1. I want you to tell me how your graphics card ranks up because my GeForce 7800GTX has only around 500 points and my laptop’s mobile has 460 so it is safe to say that her time is over… 😛

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