Curriculum Vitae in LaTeX

Now that I started looking for a PhD it was good to have my curriculum vitae updated. Apart from the content I wanted it to be more professional so this time I wanted it to be in LaTeX. Searching through the net it was easy to find quite a lot of templates bus I decided to use the one found here. the result of the CV I prepared for my PhD search is the following CV.pdf.

Some tips for making the content of the CV could be that there is no need to have a single CV but always adjust for the needs of every situation. Mentioning every little thing you have done just to make it look filled up is not a good idea at all. People who will read the CV won’t probably have any time to read past the first sentence of each section so the best way to go is to place there the more important information there to make sure it won’t be overlooked. The more minimal the better.

In the CV you can find in the link above there is an appendix with grades which I may eventually remove as I think that it is not a good idea to have such a long CV.

That’s all for now.


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