Greek in LaTeX

It was obvious tha sooner or later I would be in need to use greek in my LaTeX texts. To use them the Babel package is needed so (here in use with English):


then by choosing \foreignlanguage{greek} or \selectlanguage{english} you switch between languages. However you cannot use greek letters but latin ones to write in Greeks. so writing: Kalhm’era would yield: Καλημέρα.

If you need to use the Greek characters then the:


is necessary. While using that you can switch between the encodings (latin and greek) using \latintext and \greektext.

For more information on the babel package here.

For more international LaTeX here.


2 thoughts on “Greek in LaTeX

  1. If you don’t mind using XeLaTeX for compilation then it can get a lot easier than that. Actually you can use greek glyphs directly in text mode and if you use Unicode-Math even at math-mode!

    Look here:

    It is in greek but you should work be able to work it out if you look at the examples. Just don’t forget to set a main font that supports greek glyphs. A nice choice is Kerkis.


  2. Indeed it is easier. I hadn’t tried it while using XeLaTeX so I did not know about that. Thanks for the info!

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