Moderncv LaTeX package. A really easy way to create a modern CV

As far as the options are concerned these are the following:

I had created my CV many months ago and I put it in good use, I found a PhD position. However I was still meddling with my girlfriend’s CV as she is looking for a job. So I came up with moderncv package that provides a way to easily create a really nice proffesional CV.

You can install the moderncv package manually after downloading it from CTAN directory or if you use MiKTeK like I do, you can go to the package manager search for moderncv package and install it. However I pretty sure that by default MiKTeK prompts you to download any missing packages.

To use moderncv you simply use:


and you set the CV theme that you want to create:


Where theme you can have casual, classic and empty:

Casual is a resume created with a simple header on the first page with the name and a picture. Information of the address, telephone number and email is placed in the bottom of each page of the CV.

Classic creates a full header with name, information and passport image on the first page. There is no information on the footer of each page. I recommend this on for most professional uses.

Empty creates a very simple moderncv resume without headers and footers.

As far as the options are concerned these are the following: blue, orange, green, red, purple, grey (which are to choose the color of the cv lines and roman to use roman fonts instead of sans serif fonts.
Then you continue writing down your personal data using:

\firstname {name}    % Your name
\lastname {Last name} % Your last name
\title {Title}              % Your title (optional)
\address{street and number}{post code and city} % Your current address
\mobile {number}    % Your mobile phone number
\phone {number}    % Your phone number
\email {email}          % Your email address
\homepage {link}    % Your website
\extrainfo {information} % Possible extra information e.g. website
\photo[64pt][0.4pt]{picture}  % Your photo (optional)
\quote {quote} % Life motto or something like that (optional)

These are used with the \maketitle command. Further more the moderncv had some structures that can be used to enter your skills and qualities. Some of these are:

\cvlanguage{Language 1}{Skill level}{Comment}
\cvcomputer{category 1}{XXX, YYY, ZZZ}{category 4}{XXX, YYY, ZZZ}
\cvline{hobby 1}{\small Description}

cventry is used to enter education and work experience entries. cvlanguage to enter linguistic skills, cvcomputer computer skills. Finally cvline is used to enter generic information. More structures and information can be found in the templates code in the CTAN directory found here.

The results are the following:
Using [green]{classic}: pdf, tex
Using [blue]{casual}: pdf, tex
Using classic with photo: pdf


60 thoughts on “Moderncv LaTeX package. A really easy way to create a modern CV

  1. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
    It is the little changes which will make the most significant changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.

    If you know of any please share. Cheers!

  3. I have a problem using your code for insert a photo. I suppose that I should write the name on the file (saved in the same directory where is my .tex document) where yo write {picture} but I obtain an error. I don’t know if I should add the graphicx package for that.

    • I don’t have readily available the code of the photo template but I think that the graphicx should be included anyway. Also check if there is a path in the code (e.g.: figures/picture) then you have to erase the path or create a figures folder.

  4. I tried download the sample cv. The first one with classic style. I tried putting in my contents, but it wouldn’t run. It gives too many errors.

      • Hello there! thanks for the reply. I am a beginner. I am using TexMakerX. I have managed to run the file that u have given here on ur blog. [green]{classic} .tex file. I also want to add a picture, which is giving a problem. Also, when i place the moderncv.cls and myCV.tex in the same folder, there are too many errors, so i have to keep them in separate folders, i dont know if the result I am getting is the desired result. Even though the result looks like the one u have shown in the pdf. I am getting too many badbox: underfull \hbox warnings. Why do i get those?

        Can you give me ur email so i can send you my .tex file so you can check please. thanks

    • For some reason I can’t reply to your 2nd comment.

      So I’ll need to know a bunch of information in order to help you. Like:
      Operating system
      LaTeX compiler
      Settings in TeXMaker

      The badbox warnings are no big deal they have to do with bad placement of things so you don’t really need to worry except if the pdf output does not look the way you want it to be.

      Why do you need to place the .cls file in the same folder as .tex?
      If you compile and produce the pdf (even with all these warnings) then it is working fine.

      • Thanks again :).
        well it said somewhere to keep .cls and .tex in the same folder, or maybe i misread it! Anyway that problem is solved now. I am using windows 7 ultimate. TexMakerX, i have not changed anything, i just downloaded it and started using it. I am taking help from google, I also need to put in my picture in the Cv, can you please help with that? I cant seem to make it work.

    • The available colors are:
      purple, and

      To add or change them I think that you probably have to edit the .sty file

      depending on the theme you use. But I haven’t tried this at all.

    • You can just remove the usepackage{hyperref} line in the preamble. If you do need it place it as the very last usepackage command of the preamble. If you still have problems be more specific. What are the options that are clashing?

  5. Hey, I’m having trouble with inserting my name–I have a slightly long last-name (13 characters, including a hyphen) and a 5-character first name, and when I put my whole name in, there’s a huge space in between my first and last name and the name carries over two lines, even though there’s more than enough space for the whole name. I noticed that taking out two characters stops this from happening, but obviously I want my whole name on there. How do I fix this?

    • You can try setting it to a smaller size. This can be done by using LaTeX sizing commands or changing the font from the preamble which I don’t particularly recommend as it will affect the whole document

  6. hi! mi name is juan and i from chile. i really like your cv, do you stil have the .tex code? i’ll be very grateful if you are willing to share it. 🙂

  7. Hi, the \href commands don’t seem to be working for me. I’m getting ‘text capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size=5000]’. Any idea how to fix this?

  8. Hi there! Congrats for your blog post. I made my CV yesterday… I used the moderncv package, it looks great, but your CV is amazing! Can you send me your template? Please!! I really loved it.

    Thank you so much.

    Greetings from Valparaiso, Chile.

  9. Hi. I really love this CV. However I have one minor problem. When I run the .tex file everything seems to work just fine except the colour of the text next to the picture. In your CV the colour is green but when I run it the text show up in black. Everything else is the same (incl the section green text).
    How can I change this?

  10. Hi! I have just installed texlive 2012 on my mac. I am trying to compile the cvmodern template but it gives me a bunch of error as “Command \… already defined”. Any suggestion? thank you in advance!

    • Seems like you might be using a conflicting package or the same package twice with different options? Not sure. Check your preamble and whether you load any extra packages than the one in my code. It would be helpful mentioning on which command you get the error.

  11. Hi there! I simply want to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great info you have got here on this post.
    I will be returning to your blog for more soon.

  12. Hi,
    I tried and I am not having any output. The warnings are following;
    Ftal error no .pdf files is being created.
    I am using Windows 7 and CTex.
    Please help me.

    • I don’t know what is CTex. From the error you mention it seems like your are missing a package or something. Try to use TeXLive as a compiler.

  13. Thank you for this useful tutorial. But I am encountering a problem which drives me crazy. My .pdf file starts with Education section. And I have nowhere in my file something like my name, my personal data and my photo, although I have correctly declared them.

    Can anyone help me please ?

    Thank you in advance

    • When you compile the unchanged .tex file do you get the correct output? If not what is the problem. If yes, try fill in your details gradualy so that you know which parts of your code are bug free.

  14. Hi there, i like your template a lot.. do you anyway to add a photo at the title either on the top of all personal information of side by side without affecting “resume title” keep it in a single line. And also not appear in the letter head?

  15. I have an issue finding the .sty files in order to edit the colors. Would you happen to have any advice? Im using a mac. Thanks.

    • typically the .sty files are located in your TeX Home directory. You can find them and edit them there.

  16. Hi!
    Is there any way to add a line of additional information above the line for address? I’m fairly new to LaTex so please excuse me if this is as ridiculously simple as I suspect it might be.

    Thanks in advance

    • I’m also having trouble inserting a footnote inside one of my cventrys. It works fine if I put the \footnotemark in the last argument, but if I put it after the text in the second last argument (which is where I need it) LaTeX says “Use of \@xfootnotemark doesn’t match its definition.” Any tips?

  17. Hello and thank u for the great template. I used it to write my cv and although in english works fine I have a problem when I try to write in greek. Usually I use the babel package for greek text but it doesn’t seem to work in this template. Any ideas?? (I use TeXnicCenter)

    • I have not tried Babel with moderncv yet. I will at some point and let you know once I have some time.

  18. Hello I encountered a problem with my modern Cv templates. It lefts a huge blind space between two paragraphs of the same section. How can I solve this problem?

  19. Pingback: Quora ~
    • LaTeX seup has nothing to do with sublime text. Try the LaTeXtools package to use LaTeX with any version of sublime text.

  20. After reading this I am really interested in seeing your CV as a style example. Could you upload it again? (I only get File Not Found Errors by Dropbox)

    • I will uploaded at some point. The problem is that the Dropbox Public folder changed to private for all accounts.

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