In this blog I want to share technical stuff that I encounter. For now there will be mostly LaTeX, matlab, maybe some wireless communications stuff…

Also there might be some object – oriented programming in the horizon. Apart from these technology stuff, computers and my obsession with organization my pop up occasionally.

I want to keep this blog mostly for my self in order to keep track of what I’ve been doing because lately so much is going on…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dude,

    I love your article on Latex tables. I’ve wasted many hours on trying to get these things to look correct and found your blog very helpful.

    I wish you had a subscribe or feed atom so I could track your blog easier. I fear I’m going to forget it.

    BTW. I came here from your original blog ‘Supermarine Walrus’. I loved your article on Muze and 1984. I’m also a fan of that Orwellian classic.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Dan,

    First of all thank you very much for your good words. They are most welcome!

    The blog supports RSS. If you copy the address (walrustech.wordpress.com) to your reader I think it will be added automatically. Moreover most browsers have the RSS sign in the address bar which you can press and the job is done.

    I have stopped updating the other blog. However I some times have urges to write about many things, so I don’t know I may update it again in the future but not regularly.

    The walrus

  3. Dude, love the CV template. Having a problem however with the PDF metadata. I think you are forcing the metadata in a .cls file:

    Never mind, here is how I fixed the problem…

    % This process was unnecessarily complicated due to the metadata being hardcoded into the moderncv.cls file.
    % The implications of this meant you could not simply override the metadata.
    % Further, if the moderncv template was installed using TeX Live Utility, the moderncv.cls file becomes buried within the file system and is read only.
    % I thus deleted the TeX Live Utility installed files and just left the required files in the same folder as my CV file.
    % Then I deleted the fields used for the metadata and, leaving the field to be defined as follows:

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