LaTeX editors

After a brief problem concerning the pdf output when I used the Texnic Center, I tried to find a more efficient and reliable TeX editor. There can always be the solution of writing to notepad++ but a quick compile every now and then while writing comes in handy and saves from debugging time a lot.

So the ones that I checked out so far were:

TeXWorks– Came with MikTeX installation (MiKTeX is the LaTex (pdfTeX to be exact) compiler for Windows). It could be just what I need but for some reason there is no annotation in the editor (although there is an option for it in the preferences) making it really useless. If the annotation actually worked then it could be a really could solution.

TeXnic Center– The one I used so far. I used the 1.0 Release Candidate version. Now the 2.0 alpha is released but did not checked it out (it is alpha version and I have no time for debugging other’s people problems!). I switched because the pdf preview stopped to work after upgrading to Adobe Reader 10. Guess a reinstall or a tweak would do the trick but I’m not interested. Another thing that I did not liked it that the spelling was not active all the time (you had to run it yourself), and that although there was an autocomplete function I did not find how to use it so it acted more like a reminder.

TeXmaker. The one I chose to use now. It has a similar interface with TeXnic Center although it seems to be more solid and more minimal the way I like it. Its options are more straightforward which made it easy to have it find the new MiKTeX installation and use it properly.

LyX – Not actually a TeX editor. It produces .lyx files instead of .tex. There is an option to import .tex files however. The editor is not writing LaTeX code however. It is a more WYSIWYG approach. The code it produces is LaTeX but as far as I understood it is closed. I think that it is an interesting solution. But not for me Smile

LEd– Did not actually tried that one but it seems to be buggy. Maybe later if I see progress in its development. However when you type LaTeX editor in google it is the first that pops up!

TeXipse– It is a plug in for eclipse. Could be exactly what I need but I’m having trouble making eclipse start up (will solve it later)

Gummi– It is not available for windows yet but it looks promising.