Tiddly Wikki–keeping notes offline

I really love Evernote. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it has been a really nice experience. Due to the nature of my work I cannot use it as I have restricted access to "file – sharing" sites like Evernote. As a consequence I had to find alternatives. So I remembered that I had stumbled upon an offline wiki called Tiddly Wiki. To use it is really straightforward. You download an empty.html and you store it wherever you want. This file will contain everything that you will need. To use it you just open it using your favorite browser.

So I use it in a flash drive and I back it up to my main file repository in a frequent basis. Other people combine it with dropbox (which is something I would have done if I had access to dropbox). One would say that this would be the equivalent of using Evernote – but the difference is that in the case of Tiddly Wiki we are platform independent.

Once the html file is downloaded we can proceed by setting some variables like the name of the wiki and the name of us as a user. All these (as well as other settings) are done through tiddlers. A tiddler is the equivalent to note/post for tiddly wiki. Some of them are special and are used to set parameters for your wiki (as already mentioned). Using such special tiddlers we can also customize the theme, many can be found in TiddlyThemes.

Apart from this one can find a vibrant community providing all sorts of plugins. Plugins are easy to use just by copying and pasting the code of the appropriate tiddlers to your own tiddly wiki. Links to plugins sites can be found to the main site of tiddly wiki.

Inside the content of a tiddler a basic annotation language is used similar to the one used in wikis and forums. Also code can be inserted and power users can experiment by developing their own plugins and themes. Setting links to websites or even local files is really easy which made it a plus for me that I use it in a flash drive.

So far I have found it really useful and I use it in a daily basis to keep log and other information that I need to carry around in a structured format. Have fun using it and don’t forget that any time you can get it online and use it in your website!