OpenGL in Java and game development

Recently I got my self into OpenGL. It is a graphics library that helps you use the 3D graphics hardware on your PC. It is open in comparison to DirectX and it is cross – platform. To see what you create you need to use some kind of a viewer. One that I tried lately is libQGLViewer which is based on Qt and can also be used across platforms although I had some trouble setting it up for windows.

libQGLViewer is nice but from my understanding supports only C++ so for me that I wanted to use Java with OpenGL I searched and found LWJGL which stands for LightWeight Java Gaming Library. This library helps use OpenGL in Java really easily. I used it with eclipse on windows without much trouble. However if you want to build a game out of it you’ll need some kind of game engine to display the graphics. Unless you want to build your own from scratch you’d better use one that is already available.

I found jMonkeyEngine really interesting. It provides a really nice engine along with a very good integrated development environment that apart from the coding part includes the graphics.

Along with programs like blender and GIMP I’m setting off to an exploration of the potential of game development. If you always wanted to make a game these are the tools just give them a try!