Sony VAIO bloatware list

After having to remove manually all the useless software preinstalled to my computer I decided that a list to remind what is useful and what’s not would be nice.

  • Vaio Care – Recomended , maintenance tool
  • Vaio Content Metadata Intelligent Analyzing Manager – Used for media library
  • Vaio Content Metadata Intelligent Intelligent Network Service Manager – Used for media library
  • Vaio Content Metadata Manager Settings – Used for media library
  • Vaio Content Metadata XML Interface Settings – Used for media library
  • Vaio Content Monitoring Settings – Used for media library
  • Vaio Control Centre – Recommended, control panel for many useful things on the laptop
  • Vaio CW screensaver – Media content
  • Vaio Data Restore Tool – Software used to restore erased data
  • Vaio DVD Menu Data – Software used to create DVD menus
  • Vaio Entertainment Platform – Media
  • Vaio Event Service – Recommended , makes all he extra buttons and the fn functions work
  • Vaio Gate – The floating menu on top of screen
  • Vaio Gate Default – Settings for Vaio gate
  • Vaio Marketing Tools – Seems useless, I uninstalled
  • Vaio Media Plus – Media
  • Vaio Media Plus Opening Movie – Media
  • Vaio Movie Story Template Data – Media
  • Vaio Original Function Settings – Media
  • Vaio Personalization Manager – Media
  • Vaio Power Management – Recommended
  • Vaio Premium Partners – SONY partners, uninstall
  • Vaio Smart Network – Update: Recommended, Wireless devices manager
  • Vaio Transfer Support – To transfer media among devices
  • Vaio Update 5 – To update SONY software
  • Vaio Wallpaper Contents – The wallpapers in the device

Personally I prefer to Unistall everything but:

  • Vaio Care (useful)
  • Vaio Power Management (useful)
  • Vaio Control Center (useful)
  • Vaio Event Service (essential)
  • Vaio Wallpapers (because I like them)

I believe that the only thing essential is the Vaio event service. I used to keep vaio update but at some point it was installing some drivers for Playstation 3 controllers to the laptop and I find it really stupid to keep now. Also I remove McAfee, Norton, Arcsoft and any other software that may be there that I don’t use.

The above list is from a CW series VAIO. It is not complete as there are a couple more programs that I don’t mention (such us the media gallery, I think) because I don’t remember them and I don’t plan to recover the laptop to factory settings anytime soon, I just got it working! Hope that this is going to be helpful for many other trying to make their VAIO working machinery and not a digital playground of SONY crapware.