Mind map Example–Real Time Systems

After a brief experimentation on the mind mapping software in the previous post, I got to choose which program suits me best and check what I can do with them. As I got my hands in remembering some thing about real time systems I made a graph about them using both of the programs.

The Xmind was really a pleasure to see all graphics and such but it was a bit sluggish on my laptop. Moreover most of its functionality was locked and they wanted me to upgrade to pro to use it so no real interest there. Finally they wanted me to make an account and log in each time I use the program. I am not really fond of such an idea thus I really don’t think that I’ll be using the software in the futureā€¦

On the other hand Freemind was really simple and after a while I got the grip on how to design my map pretty easily. I don’t know the programs full potentials as there seem to be many options which I did not know how to use yet but the program seem to have many capabilities. I created a simple map which is shown in the picture below:


I used really basic operations of the program to end up with the above results. However there seem to be capabilities such us exporting to java applet, HTML and other formats, as well as program integration with a browser. Finally I suspect that there is a way to link multiple maps together resulting in an awesome way to browse a data base.

I wish I new about this data representation earlier. A simple map depicting the most critical concept behind an idea makes it easy to refresh your memory an invaluable property! Have fun with your mind maps!